Fresh For Paws - Vegetable Stew
Fresh For Paws - Vegetable Stew
Fresh For Paws - Vegetable Stew

Fresh For Paws - Vegetable Stew

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We at Fresh for Paws understand that dogs evolved from wild carnivores and therefore should be fed an appropriate diet, rich in protein.

Hence the core ingredient of our Vegetarian Stew is soya granule, which is a good source of protein for the dogs that do not eat eggs and meat. Also it comes with the added richness of olive oil, potatoes, carrots, and peas.


Pet Parents always want to feed their pets fresh and homemade food, therefore Fresh For Paws brings a whole new range of fresh dog feed, homemade with love!
This dog food is an assortment of Olive oil- the brain food for dogs and veggies rich in protein, calcium, fibre, carbs, vitamins and mineral that makes it an ideal diet for dogs of all breeds and sizes.
Fresh For Paws dog food is the easiest way to feed fresh to your pooch as it comes in convenient packaging, all you have to do is just cut and serve this yummy food in your doggie’s bowl, your pooch will fall in love with the taste!
This food is free from grains and preservatives that make it 100 percent natural diet which promotes better digestion in dogs and also makes the skin and coat healthy. This feed also improves the working of the immune system and maintains energy levels in growing dogs

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