Doggie Dabbas - Blueberry Chicken Jerky (85gms)
Doggie Dabbas - Blueberry Chicken Jerky (85gms)

Doggie Dabbas - Blueberry Chicken Jerky (85gms)

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Chicken & Blueberries is like cherry on the cake for your biggies. Isn't it great to have such treats served to them. Healthy & Tasty is a rear combination you will find for pets.


"A decadent blend of only 2 ingredients Blueberries & Chicken. Blueberries are packed with anti-oxidants and aid in keeping brain activity healthy. A perfect addition to your Senior Doggies treat set.

    • Crispy Crunchy Sticks

    • Human Grade Ingredients

    • All Natura

    • Preservative Free

    • Wheat, Gluten & Soy Free

    • Low Fat

    • Helps stimulate brain activity

*Always keep fresh drinking water available for your pet
*This treat is High in Protein and NOT suitable for pets with renal/kidney issues "

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