Dog Rope Toy With Knotted Ball - Smarty Pet

Dog Rope Toy With Knotted Ball - Smarty Pet

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The Dog Rope Toy comes with a knotted ball on one end. This versatile toy can be used in a variety of ways and will ensure a fun-filled playtime with your furries. Have a fun game of tug with your pet with this toy and it can also be used as a chew toy for your dog to have an independent playtime. It helps the dog to deter bad chewing behavior. The toy is handmade by twining high-quality cotton material. This rope dog toy can be used in a variety of ways including training, fetching, tug of war, and generally having fun with your best buddy!

Multi-functional dog toy which your pup will enjoy playing while you're away.
Non-toxic dyeing that does not harm your pooches.
Totally safe and comfortable for your dog's gums.
Durable and made with 100% cotton material.
100 % safe, natural & durable, bite resistant & will not lose color.


  • Best to Your Pets -- Not only are the best chew toys for dogs, but nice dog ropes for Small Medium Large breed dogs.

  • Interesting and Meaningful Small Gift for Your Pets to Keep Them Happy in Different Occasions.

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