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Ticks & tick fever is something that comes in with every changing season. However, you can manage to control ticks with home remedies & some of the products in the market.

Take three (3) spoons of coconut oil along with two-three grams of aloe vera gel and mix with one third (1/3) glass of water.

Stir it well until it forms a paste-like mixture. Once the paste is ready store the same in a cool area. Start applying the mixture in up to down way and leave the paste on your dog’s body for good twenty – twenty-five (20-25) minutes.

Once the paste becomes hard (i.e. when the paste is dry) give your pet a good lukewarm bath with good Anti-Tick Shampoo like one mentioned here you can use any other as well, this is my suggestion. (https://tinyurl.com/y64mtjfh)

Make sure after the bath your dog is completely dry and then apply the tick-free oil from happy puppy organic available at our store http://www.pawfectails.com, reason for recommending the specific oil is this is organic free from all chemicals & paraben.

Repeat the process for a month with 4 intervals if ticks are too many, which I pray shouldn’t be in any of the dogs. If the ticks are less, you can do in 2 intervals for a month. If your dog doesn’t like bathing ignore the first few steps and directly jump on to the oiling section.

Let us know in the comments below, how were the results. Drop in the suggestions if any.

Happy pet parenting  :) :) 

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